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Please follow all rules listed!

1. you have to love or like the couple.

2. you don't have to respond to every journal.

3. you don't have to enter contest if you don't want to.

4. you have to watch the club and the club will watch you.

5. you don't have to do fan art for the couple as long as you remain supportive.

6. no  nudity  or extremely sexual themed pictures.

7. To join just click "Join" on the main page! you must wait untill either the President or Vice President votes you in or out though.

8. You may suggest a deviation to our Gallery-BUT, it must JUST be a KxK moment. Please also ensure that you put a watermark or signature on the images submitted to our gallery. (Watermarks are talked of below)

9. You MUST place the group's icon in you're journals.

Please also take into consideration that we are not a well known Group. We would love it if members could place the "Groups" module on their profile pages, in easy-to-see areas. If you happen to come across any deviants who like Klay and Krystella-or even just one fo them-then please direct them to our group!!


We accept groups, AND clubs. Affiliates will no longer be featured in journals, but on our home page! Please be sre that you're club/group is related to Chaotic!


We all know the deviatnart Watermark-huge, ugly, and a monstrosity that covers up your art. The watermarks we talk about are little banners that are slapped onto your picture with your deivnatart username on them.

If you would like a watermark to be made for you please go and see our vice President: Thorn-Zenithar.

If you would like to know what these watermarks look like, just Click Here To See Some Of The Ones She's Already Made

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